Foreign currency transfer services.

Intamoney offers an industry-leading online software that powers foreign currency exchange on the internet. Whether you need to make one small payment or large recurring payments, these award winning online tools can work for you like nothing else on the market.

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Intamoney has the distinct advantage of being independent, trading with several well-established brands. Each brand is operated and managed independently by highly regulated financial institutions.

Vigorous checks have been made to ensure that they meet the highest standards of Compliance, E-Business, facilities, service, Information Technology, Legal and Marketing.

We are here to guide you through the selection process and support you. We don't work for any bank or finanancial institution we work for you.


Foreign exchange is where we excel. We are specialists able to offer a complete range of foreign exchange and global payment solutions. Our services are comprehensive and are designed to meet the needs of business and individuals.

International Wire Transfers

Successful international wire transfers rely on speed and human accuracy. Put your trust in Intamoney and our team of account representatives to move your money quickly and error-free.

Foreign Currency Drafts

Use drafts to increase your negotiating power by settling your payments in your beneficiaries local currency, thus reducing clearance cost and time.

International Receipt of Funds

Handle all of your foreign currency receivables—electronic transfers, collection cheques, and foreign currency cheques with flexible conversion choices at the best possible exchange rates.

Forward Contracts

Use forward contracts to protect yourself against fluctuating exchange rates by establishing exactly what you'll pay, or receive, for a foreign currency payment up to a year in advance.

Exchange Rate Bids

Reduce your corporate risk by placing an exchange rate bid to monitor foreign currency markets 24 hours a day. If your exchange rate bid is reached in the specified time, the transaction will be processed for you.


A better price than your bank. Guaranteed!

Our solution is to offer exchange rates that undercut banks and other financial institutions.

Foreign exchange markets are the biggest in the world with a daily turnover in excess of $1 trillion, dwarfing the equity markets. Unlike the equity markets which are traded on a public exchange, foreign exchange is traded "over the counter" which means all deals are confidential between two counterparties.

This makes it very difficult for the "man in the street" to know what the true market price is. Until recently, the market was dominated by large global banks who were members of what is called the "interbank" market. However, the market has started to open up.

It is this access to the true market that allows us to offer you a much better price.


We provide advice to Companies, Charities, expatriate professionals and retirees in many areas of the world, and we are very keen to expand our operations. Currently our consultants and partners are enjoying outstanding results, and we see our company growth coming from the recruitment, training and placement of high-quality new advisers.

Customer Service & Complaints Handling

We will respond to any query or complaint within one working day of receipt. We prefer e-mails where possible, but should you need to contact us by mail, telephone or fax please do.

Our normal office hours

G.M.T Monday - Friday, 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m


Get In Touch

For further information or to request a private meeting or attend a workshop, please use our contact form.

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